Our Mission and Vision

The ABC Home and Planet Foundation creates a platform for a global community to harness our collective creativity and resources to support and encourage the front lines of necessary work being done to create unity in the world today. The Foundation curates a selection of visionary organizations and gifts of compassion that serve to create true beauty in the essence of nurturing the people and planet.

Our goal is to bring great opportunities for advancing a better world to our globally minded, culturally aware audience, and to a larger community of concerned and educated consumers.

We seek to enhance our lives, and yours, with a deeper sense of mission and connection to leading organizations doing revolutionary work. We believe we can each help build a better world by aligning our spending choices with personal values.

We invite you to join us in living and giving with greater social engagement.

Our History

For over twenty years, ABC Carpet & Home has maintained a worldwide reputation as a visionary retailer, helping customers to articulate their personal expression of home by integrating beauty, spirit, and culture from around the world.

ABC Home & Planet Foundation is a manifestation of ABC Home's transition to being a mission-driven business. ABC Home composes an evolving platform and destination that reflects work towards amplifying a trusted edit of vision, passion, and beauty. This same meticulous edit and scrutiny is applied in creating the Foundation, which is grounded in the purpose of using this influential platform to manifest change.

Through the Foundation's MISSIONmarket, that same creative approach and commitment to personal expression is applied to curate a range of alternative gift giving opportunities that fund visionary organizations around the world.

our board of directors