Greyston Foundation

Foster Creative Space for Young Minds

Best known for its world-renowned bakery, where formerly homeless people produce some of New York's finest baked goods, the Yonkers-based Greyston Foundation is an integrated network of local community organizations. The foundation provides job training, employment, affordable housing, daycare, HIV healthcare and many other service.

From its founding in 1982 by a Buddhist monk, Roshi Bernie Glassman, Greyston has grown into a $13 million operation employing more than 130 staff, over 30 percent of whom are entry level. Each year, Greyston provides programs and services to more than 1,500 low-income men, women and children.

Greyston is a beacon of light, helping individuals and families break the cycle of poverty. By providing housing for the homeless and creating job training and opportunities for the "hard to employ," Greyston is among New York's most effective and creative social service organizations.

Your gift will provide six months of schooling, giving your child the tools to engage the mind and nurture creative spirit.

70% of your gift goes directly to our partner organization. The remaining funds go to the gift of compassion envelope, packaging, and other foundation overhead.

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