Homeless Healing

This gift will provide a homeless mother with tools and support for healthy parenting, often breaking the chain of abuse and neglect passed on for generations. Healthy Families, Happy Children is an eight-week parent enrichment workshop offered by Rudolf Steiner College's Early Life Center. It helps homeless mothers rise above their dire life circumstances to reestablish, or create for the first time, healthy relationships with themselves and others, particularly their own children.

This series features a special doll-making workshop, in which each mother learns to sew a doll that becomes a precious gift for her child, and in many ways, also a gift for herself. Working with these dolls helps the mothers heal the scars from their own childhoods, often filled with abuse and neglect, making it easier to offer their families the nurturing that they themselves may not have received as children.

Practical tools, inspiration and support for healthy parenting are your gifts to a homeless woman and her children.

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