Indigenous Wisdom for Organic Farmers

Support a farmer in India to receive the training, marketing, support, and native seeds to develop an organic farm using indigenous farming techniques.

Navdanya, established by the revolutionary environmentalist Dr. Vadana Shiva, supports farmers in Central India in re-learning ancestral organic farming and harvesting techniques instead of relying on export-oriented farming techniques to increase crop yield. Industrial farming has devastating effects on farming communities in India; farmers are unable to keep up with rising costs of products, such as corporate seeds that cannot be saved and need a constant supply of fertilizers and pesticides to maintain. Since 1997, more than twenty-five thousand farmers have committed suicide - often by swallowing pesticides - to escape huge farming debts.

Your gift will provide a farmer who owns a quarter-acre of land with the resources and training to nurture a pesticide-free organic farm. Ancient seed-saving techniques, fertile soil and abundant harvests will provide economic stability for a secure future.

70% of your gift goes directly to our partner organization. The remaining funds go to the gift of compassion envelope, packaging, and other foundation overhead.

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