Mercy Corps

Creating Home Away from Home for a Syrian Family

Imagine fleeing your home with only the clothes on your back, fearing for your life as you journey to the border, and arrive in a foreign country. You have no idea where you will live or what you will eat.

That's the reality for millions of Syrians, half of them under 18, who are fleeing the violent civil war in their country.

The scale of Syria’s humanitarian crisis is astonishing — 11 million people, half of the country’s pre-war population, have been forced from their homes and 250,000 have died since the war began in 2011. They need our help to get through the worst humanitarian crisis of our time.

Mercy Corps has been on the ground working since August 2012 and has one of the largest humanitarian operations inside Syria, while in surrounding countries, they are also distributing emergency food and supplies, improving access to clean water, providing activities and counseling to help children feel safe again, and helping refugees and host communities learn how to work together. And they'll be there until families can safely return home.

Together, we can help families survive this terrible crisis.

100% of your gift amount will be donated to Mercy Corps to maximize impact for relief efforts.

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