One Heart World-Wide

Provide Safe Deliveries for Rural Mothers and Babies

Founded at the request of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, One Heart World-Wide integrates Western medicine with indigenous beliefs, training birth attendants and providing necessary supplies at the community level for women to safely delivery their children.

Your gift will help women in remote regions of Nepal and Mexico who are giving birth at home, often alone, and usually without medical care. These women are at high risk, as each year over half a million die during pregnancy.

One Heart World-Wide’s community networks reach the furthest, most remote areas to distribute aid, working at grassroots levels to ensure community involvement and implementation. A vital birth kit – which includes prenatal vitamins, medications, and other necessities – will be developed and distributed by a One Heart World-Wide outreach provider.

70% of your gift goes directly to our partner organization. The remaining funds go to the gift of compassion envelope, packaging, and other foundation overhead.

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