The Patrick Chege Memorial Orphanage

A School of Hope for Kenyan Girls

Build a girls school in Kenya and help lay a foundation of education, empowerment, and hope for its students.

The Patrick Chege Memorial Foundation is constructing a landmark school to educate girls in rural Kenya. This facility will provide a critical space where girls can obtain valuable and empowering resources, breaking the unrelenting cycle of male dependence and dominance that is so prevalent in Kenyan society.

Providing a girl with an education drastically reduces the likelihood of early marriage or pregnancy, while enabling her to advance academic pursuits, such as attending an American university.

Your gift will purchase two personalized bricks in the recipient’s honor, and lay the foundation for a Kenyan girl’s brighter future. Brick by brick, your gift will help build a world of opportunities for young girls.

70% of your gift goes directly to our partner organization. The remaining funds go to the gift of compassion envelope, packaging, and other foundation overhead.

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