Spikenard Honeybee Sanctuary

Restore Honeybee Colonies and their Ecosystem

A colony of honeybees has been offered to a bee sanctuary committed to nurturing these endangered pollinators and our ecosystems back to health.

Within recent decades, entire colonies of bees have mysteriously collapsed around the world, threatening the health of our entire agricultural food system. Increased chemical exposure from pesticides in food crops and exploitative traditional beekeeping methods have thrown the honeybees' ecosystem out of balance, leaving them more susceptible to disease.

With a vision to solve the worlds' bee crisis, Hauk supports biodynamic and holistic beekeeping practices through research and education.

This offering honors the innate wisdom of honeybees and restores their delicate harmony in nature.

70% of your gift goes directly to our partner organization. The remaining funds go to the gift of compassion envelope, packaging, and other foundation overhead.

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