Rising Above Poverty: A Gift of Opportunity

Give the priceless gift of hope and opportunity to a woman from a secluded village in India. Provide her with the seed money to gain economic independence and lift her family out of poverty.

In the rural areas where Trickle Up works, women typically have no cash savings, own no land, and have nothing more than rice to feed their families for months at a time. The poorest of the poor are simply too poor to qualify for a loan or to manage debt without first acheiving greater financial stability.

Trickle Up's innovative program combines business training and a seed capital grant to help women start economic activities through which they can become economically self-sufficient. They also enable women to form long-term savings groups that provide a social network and serve as the platform for coaching on health and social issues. Through this holistic model, the women in our program are gaining confidence, planning for their future, and putting enough food on the table to feed their families.

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