The Spirit of Family: Creating Home for a Child Orphaned by HIV/AIDS

Offer a safe home and enduring support to a homeless Kenyan child who has lost both parents to the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

The Patrick Chege Memorial Orphanage is a haven for children who would otherwise live alone on unsafe streets, scavenging for food and temporary shelter. Chege is committed to the long-term well-being of each child, and to recreating a warm home and nurturing family environment.

Six loving guardians cultivate confidence and responsibility among the children, and create a structure to mirror a traditional home, complete with education, chores, playtime and family meals. Each of the twenty children remains at the home until he or she reaches adulthood at the age of twenty-one. This nurtures a spirit of kinship among the children, and a sense of belonging to a larger family within a comfortable home of their own.

A safe home allows children to heal from the past and creates hope for a bright future.

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