Frequently Asked Questions

Are my gifts tax deductible?

Yes. ABC Home & Planet Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, founded as a Delaware non-profit corporation. You will receive a tax receipt letter from the ABC Home & Planet Foundation, and your credit card statement will show ABC Home & Planet Foundation as the recipient of your contribution.

What is the ABC Home & Planet Foundation's Privacy Policy?

We have a strict privacy policy: we do not give away, rent or sell our mailing list to other organizations. We will use information you provide to help us give you access to programs that we develop or participate in. We will provide your contact information to the organization(s) you identify as the ultimate recipient(s) of your donation and/or Gift of Compassion, and if you provide it, we will give them information on any person you choose to honor with your gift. The organizations have agreed to offer to you the same membership services you would receive if you gave the contribution directly to them. These organizations have their own privacy policies, which are generally available on their websites.

Is your website secure?

Yes. When you order a Gift of Compassion and make donations on our website, the transaction is processed using Verisign's encryption system. You will notice that a lock sign will appear at the bottom of your browser, indicating that the credit card and personal information you are providing is secure.

Will my gift be used as I have recommended?

Gifts of Compassion are examples of the unique and creative social and environmental initiatives engaged in by our Foundation partners. While we strongly encourage our partners to use the funds directly towards the designated Gift of Compassion programs, at times, funding may be allocated where it is determined to have the greatest impact. Your symbolic sponsorship of these programs enables the revolutionary on-the-ground work of these foundations as a whole.

You can also help to manifest positive change when you make a direct gift to a Visionary Organization, as this support is evaluated and distributed to where there is the direst need.

How much of my donation will cover costs of the campaign?

Up to 30% of the funds raised by the Gifts of Compassion will be used to pay a portion of our costs associated with the initiative, which includes credit card fees, marketing, advertising, public relations, staffing, rent, merchandising, administration fees, and packaging.

Any excess income generated by the ABC Home & Planet Foundation will be allocated among participating charitable organizations.

Does the ABC Home & Planet Foundation accept proposals from other non-profit organizations?

We currently do not accept proposals. Our process is to carefully research non-profit organizations through our board members and members of affiliated networks. At such time as we are in a position to receive proposals, we will post a procedure on this website.