One Heart World-Wide

One Heart World-Wide was founded in 1999 at the request of His Holiness The Dalai Lama, to establish safe motherhood and newborn healthcare practices for rural Tibetan populations. The organization has since expanded to support safe birth in regions in rural Nepal and Mexico afflicted with the highest maternal and infant mortality rates.

One Heart integrates Western medicine within the context of indigenous medical and cultural traditions, providing training and necessary medical supplies to save the lives of mothers and babies with little access to healthcare. Through their programs, village doctors, health care providers, and community outreach members receive the necessary skills and birthing equipment to ensure rural mothers a safe, supervised delivery environment.

After ten years in the Lhasa Prefecture of Tibet, where maternal and infant mortality raters were among the highest in the world, One Heart World-Wide and their local partners were able to reduce newborn deaths from 10% to 3%, and maternal deaths to zero.

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