The Patrick Chege Memorial Orphanage

The Patrick Chege Memorial Orphanage, located in Nakuru, Kenya, supports and cares for children who have lost their families to HIV/AIDS. They foster the growth, health, and education of children of any age, from infants to teenagers.

The orphanage mimics a family atmosphere, offering a level of support and love that is difficult to achieve within a dormitory-style facility. Children live in small apartments with foster siblings and parents, attend school outside of the home, and have standard family obligations, such as daily chores.

As an extension of this mission to support Kenyan children, The Patrick Chege Memorial Orphanage is in the process of building a girls-only school to educate and empower girls in the region.

By providing shelter, sound education, and loving care, the organization vastly improves the lives of Kenya's children.

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